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Am feeling so domestic this week.  After hoarding more tomatoes, peppers, & onions than I could even carry at the farmer’s market, I made my second annual batch of homemade salsa.  Honestly, we scarcely venture into the realm of firey hot things like habeneros and chilis, so we had to snap this photo before tossing them into the mix.  (Mark my word, they are as spicy as they are pretty.) The whole process of chopping, cooking, and canning is a bit daunting, but the product is so rewarding and exciting! Last year I saved half of the jars to give as Christmas gifts and it was a complete hit.

Hey, remember last week, when I introduced my little Swell Life column here and decided it would be rad to give away some fancy homemade camera strap covers?  Well, I’m so glad I did, because all of your kind, encouraging words regarding the blog hop completely soothed my anxieties about the whole ordeal.  From the bottom of my heart: Thanks so very much. Am so happy to be able to continue to share small bits of daily life in the blogging world in a way that blends well with our business + family.  Yay. And even better news: today is the day to make some lucky folks into winners!

1. Stripes & Ruffles : Woot-woot KELLIE REYELTS!
2. Aqua & Blue : Congrats MELISSA GIBBS!
3. Earthy & Green : Hooray JANELLE!
4. Rings & Rose : Happy day SARAH VONNE!

Congrats ladies!  If you could please share your mailing address with me at swell.life(at)gmail(dot)com, I will drop your pretty prizes in the mail, straight away!
Happy Weekending friends!

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