Best VPN for 4Chan

If you’re familiar with Reddit, then you already have a basic idea of how 4chan works. The website is more or less an image board. It was first designed for Japanese users to show off their anime and manga picture collections. It has now become a platform where users engage in forums and discussions based on a wide variety of topics. Once you log on to the site’s homepage, you’ll see that it still has a very basic setup, consisting of the major topics that most people would like to engage in a discussion on. Users start a new thread by posting a picture, which is then accompanied by their thoughts on a particular matter.

Best VPN for 4Chan

Best VPN for 4Chan

Contrary to what you’d think after visiting the site, it happens to be very popular among a wide variety of users. This is simply because the website is known for trolling a large group of individuals, and because of that, users have been known to post a lot of sensitive information within their discussions. This is the kind of information that you wouldn’t like to get traced back to you, just in case things start getting serious. If you want to keep yourself out of harm’s way, the best safeguard that you could put in place is to sign yourself up with a credible VPN service.

The Need for VPN When Using 4Chan

Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN service allows you to connect to servers that are based abroad, thereby encrypting your connection. Once encrypted, nobody will be able to figure out whatever you’re up to online, and you’ll then be able to surf through whatever channels you’d need to without any cause for concern. This means your confidential data will be completely protected, and you’ll be able to browse the Internet knowing that nobody will be able to come and disrupt your browsing.

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In as much as security is the main function of a VPN service, an advantage that users also get to benefit from is access to geo-restricted channels. Through a credible VPN, users are able to connect to a server that is based abroad and change their actual IP address, to the one that reflects the location that they’d like to be seen as surfing from. Once this is done, the user will then be able to access any form of geo-restricted content, and that includes the widely popular image board site, 4chan. This assurance of anonymity helps ensure that customers are able to access the site from wherever they may be, and also assures them that nobody will be able to trace back their connection to their device.

There are many advantages that come from using the Internet anonymously online. One of them includes being able to make anonymous payments whenever you’re shopping online and also accessing geo-blocked websites without any doubt of access being denied. A reliable service also promises never to take record of your browsing details, and also to always have the VPN service working 24/7.

Choosing The Best VPN for 4Chan

As you’ve now been able to see, the use of a VPN for 4Chan cannot really be understated. Signing up to a credible provider not only ensures you have your online security in check, you also get to ensure all your online activities remain confidential, and that your privacy is kept within your control.

Having seen the need for a VPN service, you’ll now have to search for a provider to subscribe to. This can be a very daunting task especially if you’ve just gotten introduced to the world of VPN. To help you out, we’ve come up with a selection of a few services that we’re sure should be able to keep you anonymous and protected as you access 4Chan.

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1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is easily one of the most trusted VPN services in the market, with a reliable network of about 1500 servers scattered throughout the world. The provider is famed for their ever available customer care service, whose representatives are always at hand to cater to any concerns you may have. ExpressVPN prides itself in the speed that its servers possess, as they’re known for always offering a fast, reliable connection. In terms of security, ExpressVPN maintains top-shelf protection thanks to its tier-one 256 bit AES encryption service. Subscribers are also assured that their browsing records will never get shared by anybody, and this claim is backed by the fact that ExpressVPN is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands; a region that’s immune to any form of data regulation policy. ExpressVPN users will also be glad to know that if a colleague they referred to the service ends up signing up, they both get a month added to their subscription at no extra cost. If this offer sounds interesting, then it might be a good idea to try out their 30-day money back guarantee offer, and see how things go.

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN is another well-known provider based out of Romania. Their location alone assures you that none of your browsing records will ever be shared out since the region is not affected by any form of data retention policy. Their server network is impressive, with around 1524 of them located in about 60 countries. This kind of coverage is large enough to ensure that as a user you always have access to whatever kind of service you’d want to connect to. CyberGhost also employs a double encryption system where the form of data encryption used is twice as strong as that applied by most other services. The service also allows for payment through anonymous means such as through BitCoins, as well as through PayPal or a credit card. Its service also comes with a free anonymous proxy that you can use for just hiding your identity, and not so much to secure your browsing experience. The service also allows for users to have up to 7 devices connected under one account, and this helps take care of all your Internet-capable devices whenever they’re online. Like most providers, the money-back guarantee period is 30 days.

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3. IPVanish

To start with, IPVanish is known for owning all of the more than 1500 servers within its network, and this alone is such a huge confidence booster for most customers. This is because, any queries that may come about regarding the service can be swiftly addressed, and the matter quickly resolved. Also, the service has one of the fastest servers in the industry, and this is why many online gamers rely on it since there’s no form of lag to be expected. IPVanish also allows customers to add up to 10 devices under one account, and this helps reduce expenditure on other security providers for online security. IPVanish is also well known for its green-themed, easy-to-use app, which is probably the best especially for users who are just beginning with VPN. The app can run on a wide range of platforms, with Android, Linux, iOS, and Windows all included. The best way to find out exactly what this service can do is to sign up for their 7-day money back guarantee service. After this is when you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Conclusion on The Best VPN for 4Chan

Users who go on to subscribe to a credible VPN service should no longer have any worries about being tracked down since their connection will get hidden, and their data encrypted. There’s no point to roaming around the Internet without any protection; sign up with a VPN service, and get secured.

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