Best VPN for TCL Smart TV

Despite being newcomers in the Smart TV market, the TCL Smart TVs come with great force. The TCL TV vendors have associated their TVs with Roku for their smart features. All TCL Smart TVs use Roku TV because it’s intuitive and has all the apps most people want. These TVs are by far the cheapest priced Smart TV brand as most of them are found for under $500. To make watching on this TV a bit more interesting you might want to consider adding a VPN to it. With a VPN on your TCL TV, you can unblock websites, get apps that are not available in your country, bypass restrictions, and access to all kinds of streaming services. However, you’ll have to keep on reading to find out which VPNs are regarded as the best for the TCL Smart TV.

Best VPN for TCL Smart TV

Best VPN for TCL Smart TV

Best TCL Smart TV VPNs Summed Up

After we ran a few tests, we’ve found the 3 best VPNs for your TCL Smart TV:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. BulletVPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. IPVanish
  5. CyberGhost VPN
  6. VyprVPN

How to Change TCL Smart TV Region?

Given that most TCL Smart TVs are Roku-based, you have to follow the same steps required for changing your Roku region in order to get access to geo-restricted streaming channels on your TCL Smart TV.

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Best VPNs for TCL Smart TV

TCL’s TVs offer great features and good picture quality at a low price. However, most TVs at this price point show drops in performance in comparison to expensive models. Regardless, the TCL TVs are tough to beat when it comes to budget TVs, which gives them a bit of an advantage. In order to enhance your TCL Smart TV usability, its users should install a VPN on it. So without further ado, here are some of the best VPNs for TCL Smart TV:


ExpressVPN charges 12.9$ per month in exchange for excellent services. Their wide range of features means that their services are designed for all kinds of people. This service provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 24/7 friendly customer service ready to answer all your inquiries and questions through live chat. The most impressive aspect of ExpressVPN is its intuitive user interface. You can protect yourself from hacking and surveillance with 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, kill switch, and split tunneling. Not to mention its generous Smart DNS option that comes along upon subscribing to it. You can connect up to three devices simultaneously, and it unblocks just about anything you want, including Netflix. To learn more about all the features ExpressVPN has to offer, make sure to take a look at our ExpressVPN review.


BulletVPN costs 10.9$ per month and is one of the few service providers that offer a free Smart DNS service with their subscription. If you’re a streamer and a torrenter, BulletVPN is a good option for you. This service provider allows up to 3 simultaneous connections and offers a 30-day money back guarantee. BulletVPN are very proud of their streaming capacity for this provider has the ability to bypass geo-blocks for American Netflix, Amazon Prime, CBS, HBO GO and HBO Now, Hulu, Pandora, and many other US and European channels. BulletVPN offers blazing fast speeds, and host servers in tier 1 countries. Meaning, you won’t experience speed-loss with your connections. All of these features qualify BulletVPN as a great option for your TCL Smart TV.  For more information on this service provider check out our BulletVPN review.

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Nord VPN costs $11.95 per month. However, if you subscribe to a longer time period, you get their premium protection and just pay 5.75$ on an annual basis. With NordVPN, you can secure your online privacy on all your devices because it allows up to 6 simultaneous connections. Additionally, you can protect your Internet traffic on the go with NordVPN’s user-friendly mobile apps available on Android and iOS devices. Take your TCL Smart TV streaming experience to a whole other level with NordVPN. With it, you gain access to your favorite websites and services no matter where you are located. They make use of a double encryption, that means NordVPN encrypts your traffic twice. it doesn’t get safer than this. so you can forget about geo-restrictions and bandwidth limits. For more information on this service provider check out our NordVPN review.

How To Install VPN On TCL Smart TV?

TCL Smart TVs do not natively support VPNs, which is why we’re here to give you ways around this:

  • Install VPN on your router: By installing your VPN on your router, all of the devices connected to WiFi will receive the VPN’s connection. Of course you’ll have to use a VPN compatible router, otherwise, it won’t work. Read this guide to learn more about installing VPN onto your internet router.
  • Share your PC or Mac network connection with your Smart TV: You can also share your network from a PC or a Mac that runs a VPN connection. Here’s a guide that explains how to share your connection on windows.
  • Use a Smart DNS proxy: If all else fails, you can resort to a Smart DNS proxy, which is offered with the service providers mentioned above. However, a Smart DNS is nothing like a VPN in terms of security and usability. The great thing about a Smart DNS is that it can be directly configured onto your Smart TV.
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Best VPN for TCL Smart TV – Final Thoughts

We all know that TVs are the point of attraction in the household. They represent a great source of entertainment for its users. A TCL smart TV already does a great job at keeping us company and keeping us busy with what it has to offer. Just imagine the infinite possibilities that come with a VPN on the TCL Smart TV. Don’t install just any VPN, make sure you pick one the VPNs we listed above to ensure a complication free and excellent streaming experience.

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