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How We Work


Call us old-school, but film is our medium of choice.

Although it’s difficult to describe, film has a character and warmth that always leaves our hearts beating a little faster. While we appreciate and take advantage of our digital cameras during quick-moving moments and low-light situations at weddings and events, we photograph all of our portrait work and the majority of our wedding work on film. Something about its tactile, analog form has forced us to slow down and become more intentional artists.

In addition to managing the day-to-day business, Jeff independently photographs most portrait sessions and is the primary photographer at weddings and events. Jessica enjoys complementing Jeff’s work with her eye for details and candid moments at weddings, and her service can be easily added to your wedding collection.

In order to give our clients the personal experience and careful attention they deserve, we shoot a limited number of events per year. We would love if yours were among them. Please be in touch for more details & availability.

(Image courtesy of our talented friend Ryan Stadler)