Best VPN for Canal+

If you’ve got a taste for French entertainment, then Canal+ is one channel you should really look in to. The service has a wide array of channels on offer for both its French viewers, as well as its English based audience. Founded in 1984, the service has decades of experience on how to distribute quality content, and best of all, most of the content on offer is free. To access content from the service, you’ll have to either log on to their website or download their user-friendly myCanal app.

Best VPN for Canal Plus

Best VPN for Canal+

Best Canal+ VPN Summed Up

I have summarized the whole review in the list below. Here are the best 5 VPN service providers you can use to watch Canal Plus abroad:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. VyprVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. BulletVPN
  5. IPVanish

Is Canal Plus Available Outside France

Channels such as Canal+ Cinema, CanalPlay, and myCanal are just a sample of the kind of programming you’ll get from Canal+, but for most users, this is only true if they happen to be based within France. In case you are French expat living abroad, you will be presented with the following error whenever you try watching live or on-demand content on Canal Plus online:

“Impossible d’accéder au contenu, veuillez vérifier votre connexion internet.”

This presents a very dire situation especially if you’re a French expat that may have been sent to work in countries such as Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, the US or the UK. The Canal+ website and streaming service rely on geo-restrictive blocks to ensure that only users based in France can stream, and the reasons behind this could range from licensing arrangements to bandwidth limitations, as well as a general preference for the local audience.

Whatever the case, not being able to stream your favorite shows from Canal+ while outside France could lead to a serious case of homesickness, and keep you clueless about whatever’s happening back home. To work around this issue and unblock Canal Plus from abroad, what you’d essentially need to have is a French IP address. For the sake of those that don’t know, an IP address is what you’d equate to as your digital fingerprint. This address is used by sites and ISPs to establish a few things about a user, such as their identity and location. To be able to stream Canal+ from abroad, you’d need a solution that provides you with a French IP address, and there’s no other tool that does that as well as a VPN.

Using A VPN to Watch Canal+ Outside France

VPN is short for a Virtual Private Network, which is a group of secure servers that you connect to so that your traffic gets encrypted. These servers are all based in different countries, so to watch Canal+ outside France, you’d need to connect to a service that has servers based over there. Connecting to one means you’ll be able to trade in your IP address for a French one, so the Canal+ site won’t be able to determine that you’re accessing it from outside the country.

As mentioned before, using a VPN means you’ll have your data encrypted, meaning not even your ISP will be able to decipher whatever you’re up to online. This is great since you’ll get to avoid all the restrictions that get placed on users who tend to use a lot of bandwidth for streaming. ISPs are known to manage bandwidth use through throttling connection speeds, and also eavesdropping on user activity to apply user-specific blocks to certain websites. Subscribing to a credible VPN service helps you avoid all this, and ensure that access to Canal+ through the website or the myCanal app is guaranteed despite wherever you may be.

The Best VPNs for Canal+

In line with helping you to achieve true freedom and flexibility online, we’ve already done the groundwork for you and identified VPN providers that offer the best value for your money:

1. ExpressVPN

Many of the other providers in the market find it quite difficult to match what ExpressVPN has to offer. The service has about 2000 servers within its network and is appropriately based out of the British Virgin Islands. Such a location is especially convenient as there are no data regulatory rules that apply there, and the service also has a very strict zero logging policy at play. With ExpressVPN, users have the chance to connect up to 3 devices simultaneously, and this will ensure that the security provided through their 256 bit AES encryption gets spread out across the board.

The provider is also one of the most awarded in the industry, boasting of awards recognizing their exemplary customer service. ExpressVPN ensures that users also get protection when sharing files through P2P connections, and also offers the option of choosing from OpenVPN, IPSec, and even IKEv2 as preferrable VPN protocols. Subscribers will also get to benefit from features such as split tunneling, an automatic kill switch, stealth servers, and a reward for referring a customer who successfully signs up. Have a look at our ExpressVPN Review if you’d like to learn more about the service.

2. VyprVPN

Second on our list, we have a provider based out of Switzerland, that ensures all its users have their traffic encrypted through their wide range of over 700 servers. Through this network, users get to choose from over 200,000 IPS, as well as a range of other added features. With up to 5 simultaneous connections offered for users in its premium plan, users can have a wide range of devices running on either Android, iOS, Mac or Mac OS fully secured.

VyprVPN is also quite popular for its Chameleon protocol, which works by scrambling OpenVPN packet metadata and ensuring that users are able to use the service undetected even in countries where they conduct deep packet inspections to find and block out anyone using VPNs. The service is also torrent friendly, offers an Internet kill switch, and happens to own all its servers. Subscriber traffic is also kept secure through OpenVPN based 256 bit AES encryption, and for those looking to send secure communication, the provider’s Cyphr messaging app also assures users that all the texts they send are encrypted. To know exactly what VyprVPN can do for you, we suggest going through our VyprVPN Review.

3. CyberGhost

Fast, convenient and affordable. That pretty much sums up the kind of service that you’re likely to receive from CyberGhost VPN. The service is headquartered in Romania, which is completely outside any of the “14 Eyes” territories. This means their zero logging policy is solid, therefore none of the traffic routed through any of their 1300+ servers will ever get investigated. The service also has an app that’s designed to ensure that anyone running a Windows, Android, iOS or Mac-based service is able to connect, and offers OpenVPN, L2TP, and IPSec as the major VPN protocols to choose from.

From the user interface, it’s very easy to establish that CyberGhost has one of the most user-friendly apps on the market, as everything is very clearly laid out for subscribers. The service also supports being used with Tor, and this ensures you get to stay completely anonymous while online. Torrenting is allowed, and with a connection limit of up to 5 devices, there’s no reason not to have all your Internet-capable electronics under protection. We have a more comprehensive breakdown of what this provider can do for you, and you can find all that info on our CyberGhost VPN Review.

Conclusion on The Best VPN for Canal+

Being away from your home country shouldn’t deter you from getting the latest news updates, or enjoying programming that you’re already used to. Get a VPN and ensure that you’re able to stream from Canal+ despite being far away from France.

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