How to Watch Bellator 235 and 236 Live Online

This weekend, you’ll get all the Bellator action you could ask for in the Holiday season. For two consecutive days, December 20th and December 21st, 2019, you’ll be joining the Octagon during Bellator 235 and 236, respectively. In the first one, we have Josh Barnett vs. Ronny Markes, while in the day that follows, we have lima-Lei Macfarlane vs. Kate Jackson. It’s a busy weekend for Bellator fans, provided they know how to stream the events. Well, I know, and I’m going to show you how to do so next.

How to Watch Bellator 236_236 Live Online

How to Watch Bellator 236_236 Live Online

Two Events in One Streaming Option

By now, you all know which streaming channel has the rights to broadcast Bellator events around the world. We’re talking about the one and only, Netflix of Sports, DAZN (Da-Zone).

The channel has been doing this for quite some time now, and we don’t see it going anywhere, any time soon. That’s mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t require a cable subscription and that it makes it so easy for streamers to tune in to the fights.

DAZn has more than 4 million subscribers across nine countries. Don’t forget that the channel launched in 2018, which means it’s still relatively new. Based on what it offers, it will gain a lot more popularity in the upcoming years.

As I mentioned, DAZN is available in nine countries, where each region has a certain catalog to tap into. Luckily, Bellator MMA is available in all the regions except Brazil and Spain, so most of you are safe.

The Countries

Here are the countries along with the subscription prices in each one:

  • Austria: (119,99€/Year, €11,99/Month)
  • Italy: (€9,99/Month)
  • Switzerland: (12.90CHF/Month)
  • The United States: ($99.99/Year, $19.99/Month).
  • Canada: ($150/Year, $20/Month)
  • Germany: (119,99€/Year, 11,99€/Month)
  • Japan: (¥1,750/Month)
  • Brazil: (R$37,90/Month)
  • Spain: (9.9999€/Year, 9,99€/Month)

Sadly, those living outside these countries won’t be able to access Bellator MMA events through DAZN. It’s what we call geo-blocks, where a channel restricts its access to specific locations.

Even if the channel is available, it doesn’t mean that the content is as well. But that’s a problem for later on in the article. I’ll be solving it, so don’t worry. DAZN looks up your IP address to determine your location. Once it pinpoints you as an outsider, this geo-error message will appear:

“DAZN isn’t available in your country. 10-06-002.”DAZN Error

DAZN covers a wide range of devices such as Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, FireStick, and Smart TVs. And although it’s restricted, the unblocking process will be presented later on.

Another Streaming Player?

DAZN has been domination the charts by acquiring the rights to several sporting events, including Bellator. Well, apparently, it’s not the only one anymore.

Bellator MMA launched its own streaming service, which allows you to stream live preliminary fights wherever you are around the world. However, if you’re in the United States, you can simply sign in with your cable provider and watch the Main Card as well.

It goes against the cord-cutting revolution, but for now, it’s a very good option to use. This service also falls victim to geo-restrictions. Even if you have yourself a valid cable subscription, once you leave the US, you’ll be treated like a foreigner.

You will only be able to stream the preliminary card just like anyone else living overseas. But as I told you, geo-restrictions won’t be a problem anymore. In the next part, you’ll learn how to bypass those pesky restrictions and watch Bellator 235 and 236 live no matter where you reside.

Geo-Blocking No More – Bellator 235/236 Live Anywhere

A Virtual Private Network is your only ticket around geo-restrictions as it fakes your online location and helps you appear in a country of your choosing.

Of course, that depends on the server you connect to. Upon clicking the connect button, your data will be rerouted through that server. Then, the VPN encrypts it and hides your IP address, assigning you a new one in the country where the server is based.

For example, if the server is in the United States, you’ll receive a US IP address. That’s your key. You can now access both the American version of DAZN and Bellator’s own streaming app no matter where you physically reside.

It’s an easy process to go through actually. All you have to do is follow the steps below, and you’ll be watching Bellator 235 and 236 wherever you are:

The Steps

  1. First, subscribe to a VPN service that offers blazing fast servers in the United States. I use ExpressVPN, and I recommend you do too.
  2. Next, get their application and install it on your device.
  3. Sign in with your credentials and head over to the server list.
  4. Connect to an American server.
  5. Launch DAZN and sign in.
  6. Watch both Bellator 235 and 236 live anywhere.

ExpressVPN helps you get around the internet’s limitation and access the web as anonymous as one can. You get to choose from 3000 servers in 94 countries as well as use their Smart DNS service as a VPN alternative.

Also, if you have doubts, you can try them out risk-free courtesy of their 30-day refund policy. Then, you can check other top VPNs for DAZN in the table below if the service did not live up to your expectations.

Bellator 235/236 – What We Know So Far

Bellator LogoThis weekend is full of Bellator action. First, we kick it off on December 20, 2019, at Neal S. Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii, with Bellator 235. The event is headlined with an epic bout between Josh Barnet vs. Ronny Markes.

Bellator 235 is dubbed as “Salute the Troops,” and the matches on the card are very intriguing. On the main card, we also have Alejandra Lara, who got back to her winning ways with a dominant first-round TKO finish of Taylor Turner at Bellator 225. That, of course, is after going through some back-to-back losses.

Now, Alejandra is looking to make a statement this Friday against Veta Arteaga as she sets her eyes on Macfarlane’s title. That will give the champ something to think about after before her match the next day. Even if she wins on Saturday, the champion should know that someone is coming after her – Alejandra Lara.

On the other hand, we have Bellator 236 headlined by the previously mentioned champ Macfarlane as she takes on Kate Jackson. The event is set to take place on December 21st, 2019, at the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii as well. Also, the fight card includes big names such as AJ Mckee and Raufeon Stots.

With that said, let’s take a look at how the cards have shaped up so far:

Bellator 236

The Bellator 236 Fight Card includes:

Main Card

  • Macfarlane (c) vs. Jackson
  • A.J. McKee vs. Derek Campos
  • Kiichi Kunimoto vs. Jason Jackson
  • Juliana Velasquez vs. Bruna Ellen
  • Raufeon Stots vs. Cheyden Leialoha

Preliminary Card

  • Swayne Lunasco vs. Kaylan Gorospe
  • Keoni Diggs vs. Scotty Hao
  • Nate Yoshimura vs. Chas Dunhour
  • Kai Kamaka III vs. Spencer Higa
  • Benjamin Wilhelm vs. Ke’ali’i Kanekoa
  • Dustin Barca vs. Brandon Pieper
  • Nainoa Dung vs. Zachary Zane

Watch Bellator 235/236 Live Anywhere – Conclusion

Bellator is so not holding back when it comes to its effort to “Salute the Troops.” First, you got Bellator 235 on December 20th, 2019, followed by Bellator 236 on December 21st, 2019.

Two nights of amazing Bellator MMA action is all a fan could ask for. But how can you stream it anywhere? Well, you now know that a VPN is your ticket to unlimited and unrestricted streaming. If you have any more questions, kindly drop them in the comment section.

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