How to Watch Channel 4 in Australia in 4 Easy Steps

How to Watch Channel 4 in Australia in 4 Easy Steps

How to Watch Channel 4 in Australia in 4 Easy Steps

How To Watch Channel 4 in Australia with a VPN

Channel 4 is one of the most-watched channels in the UK. It offers a variety of content, including movies, shows, and documentaries. The issue here is that Channel 4, or All4, has some serious geo-blocks.

In fact, if you’re outside of the UK, you won’t have access to Channel 4’s services. This is because of international copyright laws. To enforce these restrictions, the service blocks all IP addresses from outside of the UK.

Great! All you need to do, then, is spoof your IP into a UK IP.

With a VPN, this process is incredibly simple.

What is a VPN?

VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks for short, are like an all-access card, a key that opens every door. They can grant you entry to any website or channel by rerouting your internet connection and changing your IP address. The redirected traffic goes through one of their secure servers and gets encrypted with the most secure protocols. That way, even if there is a data breach, no one will be able to read your online activity.

And to complete its masterpiece, the VPN will conceal your actual IP address and change it to match your server’s location. As a result, the website you’re trying to access thinks that you are within its viewing range, thus unblocking its content.

In other words, if you want to watch Channel 4 from Australia, connect to a server from the United Kingdom. Your VPN will do the rest, and you’ll be watching your favorite shows in no time.

How to Use a VPN to Unblock Channel 4 in Australia

Now that you understand how a VPN works, let’s focus on how you can get a VPN and the process you need to go through to unblock Channel 4:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN provider with top-tier security features. Try to avoid free VPNs. They’re very dangerous and won’t do what they advertise.
  2. Go to Google Play or App Store to download and install the VPN app on your device. Premium services will have ready-made apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.
  3. Launch the app and select a UK server to connect to.
  4. After you connect, revisit the Chanel 4 website.
  5. See how there are no more location error messages when you click on a video? You can now stream whatever you want.

See? Very simple.

Best VPN for Channel 4

If you don’t know which VPN to get, check out our expert Charles’s detailed guide of the best VPNs for Channel 4.

The quick answer here is ExpressVPN. This company has a vast network of 3,000+ servers in more than 94 countries, a fantastic customer support service, and a 30-day refund policy. So in case you don’t like the service after you first test it out, you can get your money back without any hassle.

And in case you’d like to examine more providers before you make a final decision, the below brands are elite alternatives.

How to Watch Channel 4 in Australia with a Smart DNS Proxy

A lot of people don’t consider a VPN the ideal option to unblock Channel 4. VPNs will reduce your internet speed to re-route your traffic. Top-tier providers have optimized servers to combat this decrease in speed.

However, if a VPN isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt for a Smart DNS Proxy to watch Channel 4 in Australia instead.

What is a Smart DNS Proxy?

Remember what we said about free VPN services? Well, the same applies to Smart DNS proxies. Do not use free services. 

Now, Smart DNS proxies change your device’s DNS by using dedicated servers.

Consider the DNS to be like the internet’s phonebook. It “translates” the name of the website that you enter into an Internet Protocol address that computers can read. By using dedicated DNS servers, Smart DNS proxies will change how websites view your IP. It will not spoof your IP.

In fact, here are a few things you must know about these services:

  • Smart DNS proxies don’t always work. If you’re in a country where internet service providers use DNS hijacking or transparent proxies, the service will not be able to do its job.
  • Smart DNS services require manual configuration on your device. This is a little technical, so only look at services that offer thorough support guides for the installation process.
  • Smart DNS proxy services offer up specific channel lists that they unblock. That means that if the channel you’re looking for isn’t found on the list, you will not be able to unblock it. Do your research carefully.

Which Smart DNS Proxy Should You Use?

So, you understand what a Smart DNS proxy is. Great! Let’s talk about which service you should consider using.

To unblock Channel 4 in Australia, I would suggest using Unlocator. Unlocator has a robust channel list (200+ channels), helpful installation guides, and a sweet free 7-day trial period. You don’t even have to use your credit card to test this service out! Even after you subscribe, you have a 14-day grace period for a refund.

Watch Channel 4 in Australia – Final Thoughts

So how about it? Accessing Channel 4 from Australia or anywhere abroad turned out to be really easy, right? For my wife and I, we used ExpressVPN to watch Hollyoaks from the land down under. I personally prefer VPNs over Smart DNS services because they combine security, privacy, and internet freedom all in one package.

But please do note that neither a VPN nor a Smart DNS proxy will get you out of paying a subscription/registration fee imposed by any specific channel.

Which service did you use to unblock All4 in Australia? Leave a comment and let us know.

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