How to Watch Fox Sports Go in Canada

Everybody likes sports, and what better way to watch sports than stream Fox Sports Go? After scanning multiple sports channels, I found that Fox Sports Go is just what I need at the moment. Being in Canada is cool and all, but not when you can’t access your desired websites and channels. However, it’s very possible that anyone who loves in Canada can get a hold of this channel outside the US by using either a VPN or a Smart DNS. Check out the processes below.

How to Watch Fox Sports Go in Canada

How to Watch Fox Sports Go in Canada

How to Watch Fox Sports Go in Canada Using a VPN

Fox Sports Go is your home for streaming live sports regardless of where you are. Canadians can benefit from this service if they use a virtual private network. A VPN secures your passage to the internet so that you can access whatever you want while you are online. Here’s what it does. First, it encrypts the data that passes through a tunnel it creates. This tunnel is exclusive to the VPN, and no third party can penetrate it.

No one can track you down. Absolutely no one. The Virtual Private Network employs this tunnel so you can send your data anonymously and safely across the world wide web. That specific tunnel is where your data gets rerouted through a server of your choosing. It makes you appear in a different place thanks to this rerouting process. Your IP gets replaced by the one given to the VPN server in the country you choose to connect to. With that new IP, you get to access any channel based in any country even if you’re not really in it.

Get Fox Sports Go in Canada with these Steps

Here’s what you need to follow so you get some quality sports streaming in your Canadian home:

  1. Go ahead pick and then purchase a VPN (go with ExpressVPN).
  2. Second, download then install the VPN application on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
  3. Skim through the servers for an American one.
  4. Connect to an American server so that you appear to be in the US.
  5. Go online using an American IP address.
  6. Finally, stream Fox Sports’ content in Canada.

Fox Sports Go’s Best VPN

ExpressVPN offers unprecedented services backed up with some high-quality security features. This is a provider that you can rely on in terms of online security as well as unblocking content. Geo-restrictions pose no problem to ExpressVPN for it has been bypassing them for years and years now. Get the chance to stream Fox Sports Go in Canada without thinking of bandwidth limits or speed rates. Now, if you are still unsure about ExpressVPN, you can check out the other recommended VPN providers in the below table.

How to Watch Fox Sports Go in Canada Using a Smart DNS Proxy

While you might think a VPN is the only way to go with unblocking content, a Smart DNS is just as good in that respect. You can unblock Fox Sports Go in Canada with a Smart DNS but with low levels of security. Why low? Because a Smart DNS does not encrypt users’ data, it doesn’t change users’ IP address, and it surely doesn’t interfere with your internet connection. This results in you getting a faster connection, way faster than a VPN.

While a VPN is busy encrypting users’ data, a Smart DNS immediately reroutes users’ data that determines their geo-location through another server. So, if you are searching for a quick way to bypass the restrictions imposed on Fox Sports Go, then a Smart DNS is your best bet at making that happen. Read and learn.

  1. Okay, so what you need to do first is head on over to Unlocator.
  2. These videos/setup tutorials can help you configure your Smart DNS on the device you want to stream Fox Sports on.
  3. Now that configuration is complete, visit Fox Sports Go’s website or application.
  4. Stream Fox Sports Go‘s content almost anywhere in the world.

Like we mentioned in the first step, the best Smart DNS for you would be Unlocator. This product has a lot to offer from unblocking 200 channels to allowing a 7-day free trial. With this provider, you get to appear in a different location and thus bypass geo-restrictions imposed on any channel that you might come across.

Watch Fox Sports Go in Canada

With a VPN by your side, you won’t have to miss out on any sports event no matter where you are located. Get Fox Sports Go streaming in Canada on your own terms with the best VPN for Fox Sports Go, and then share with us your picks in the comment section below.

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