How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 4 Live Online

The wait is over. Two years have passed since the finale of Season 3 back in October 2017. Now, the fourth season of Rick and Morty is finally here. Brace yourselves, on November 10th, 2019, the hit adult animated sci-fi comedy is coming back to Adult Swim. There’s a problem, though. Adult swim isn’t only restricted to viewers of 15 years and above; it’s also only available in the US. However, there’s a way around that. Here’s how you can watch Rick and Morty season 4 anywhere.

How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 4 Live Online

How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 4 Live Online

Rick and Morty – Traveling the Universe, Yet Still in the US

Adult Swim is one of the biggest channels in the United States. It is basic cable’s number one network with persons 18-34 and 18-49. The service is used in over 94 million U.S. homes. Emphasis on (US Homes).

As popular as “Rick and Morty” is, the premiere won’t be available outside US borders. Eventually, the show will be available on Netflix when the season ends, but who wants to wait that long.

I’ve always dodged spoilers thanks to my friends in the US. But if a spoiler hits, the whole show is ruined. That’s why this season, I came prepared and I’m going to help you out with this problem.

You see, Adult Swim is one of those streaming channels that dictate what you get to access based on your geographical location. It relies on your IP address to determine where you reside and terminate your access instantly if you happen to be outside the US.

Let me show you what happens. Here’s what I got when I tried to watch the sneak peek of the fourth season on Adult Swim. (P.S: I live in the UK).

“Blocked. Sorry, there must be some sort of restriction on the content we are streaming here. Check back later or select another stream.”Rick and Morty Adult Swim Error

Some sort, huh? As if you’re not the one imposing these geo-restrictions Adult Swim. Anywho, there’s a workaround that you can use to circumvent such restrictions and watch Rick and Morty season 4 live anywhere. I got you all pumped up, right? Well then, read the next part, and you’re all good to go.

Rick and Morty Season 4 – Across the Whole World

Accessing Adult Swim’s content outside the US has never been easier with a Virtual Private Network. You see, if you want the channel abroad, you should change your virtual location and appear to be in the US. Well, that’s precisely what a VPN does.

When you connect to a VPN, you will alter your whereabouts to where the server you linked to is based. For example, if the server is in the US, an American resident, you shall be. Very simple.

Once the connection takes place, you’ll receive a US IP address. Then, you’ll have full access to Adult Swim, as well as several American-restricted services.

But that’s not what a VPN is only capable of. This cybersecurity tool reroutes your whole traffic through a private tunnel, encrypting it in the process. By doing so, no hacker can get a hold of your private information even if you were connected to public networks.

Furthermore, a VPN hides your real IP address and assigns you a new one, as mentioned above. Aside from unblocking restricted content, you’ll be browsing the web anonymously, avoiding any prying actions by your ISP and online snoopers.

The Steps

Alright. So, now you know what a VPN is and does. Let me show you how to unblock Adult Swim and watch Rick and Morty season 4 anywhere:

  1. First, sign up for a VPN service provider. A VPN with fast servers in the US is highly recommended for HD-Streaming. Take my advice, go for ExpressVPN.
  2. Once you create an account, download their dedicated application on a supported device. You’ll find clients for Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Fire Stick.
  3. Next, run the VPN app, log in with your username and password, and open the server list.
  4. Connect to an American server and check your new IP address using this IP Tool.
  5. Launch the Adult Swim website or their dedicated app.
  6. Stream Rick and Morty season 4 wherever you are.

ExpressVPN is one of the leading companies in the VPN industry. It allows you to connect to servers across 94 countries around the world. If Adult Swim is your destination, you’ll find more than 25 servers in the United States.

On the other hand, some streamers don’t really care about the added security; they just want to access restricted content. That’s where MediaStreamer(Smart DNS) comes in.

You can configure this feature on almost every device available, including PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Chromecast, Apple TV, and more.

Finally, ExpressVPN offers you a way out in case the service didn’t live up to your expectations (which I doubt). You can always benefit from their 30-day money-back guarantee. However, other VPNs can help you out with this task. Check them out in the following table.

Rick and Morty 2019 – What to Expect

It’s been a long wait, to be honest. This brainy sci/fi series was delayed amid contract negotiations between its creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon and Adult Swim. And finally, they came to an agreement, and we’re getting a fourth series on November 10th, 2019.

Remember back in season 2 when fans were left with a major cliffhanger? Yeah, that time when Rick was imprisoned and earth got overrun by the Galactic Federation. Well, that’s no the case this time. Season 3 ended in a surprisingly normal way.

Adult Swim released a couple of photos from the fourth season, but to be honest, I’m quite shocked. Apparently, Rick is shown without any companion. Is that an indication that he might have some solo adventures in the new season?

Despite waiting for too long, there hasn’t been any official confirmation on what the fourth installment would be about. However, Justin Roiland said the new season maintains a serialized overarching plot. Here’s what he stated:

“We have serialized stuff we check in on now and then that’s sprinkled over the top of strong episodic episodes. To fans of the show, they’re going to want to watch them in order.”

Back at Comic-Con, Roiland noted that there would be some time traveling included in the season. Let’s not forget that Rick’s portal gun allows him to travel forward (or potentially backward) in time. We’ll just have to wait till November 10th, 2019, and see for ourselves. As for now, here’s the official Rick and Morty season 4 trailer.


Where to Watch Rick and Morty?

Since Adult Swim is a top-rated channel in the United States, it was made available on several devices so that it reaches a bigger audience. So, you can stream the 4th season of Rick and Morty on November 10th, 2019 on the following platforms:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Roku
  • Fire TV
  • Apple TV

Stream Rick and Morty 2019 Live Anywhere – Final Words

WarnerMedia’s upfront presentation in New York was the bearer of good news. Adult Swim renewed the show for 70 more episodes to air in the near future.

Now, you can join all the fans residing in the US and watch Rick and Morty season 4 wherever you are with a VPN. Don’t forget; the premiere is on November 10th, 2019. Don’t miss it. If you need any help configuring the VPN, hit me up in the comments below.

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