How to Watch The Son Season 2 Online

Secrets are revealed, and betrayals are exposed in the final season of The Son, which returns Saturday, April 27 to AMC. If you plan on jumping on that saddle one last time, this is your chance. We’re going to tell you how you can watch The Son season 2 online from anywhere around the world.

How to Watch The Son Season 2 Online

How to Watch The Son Season 2 Online

How to Watch The Son Season 2 Online Using a VPN

Eli McCullough will not rest until he leaves an impact against the events of the oil industry’s development in 1917. One of the biggest challenges that he has to overcome would be putting an end to a civil war ignited by his idealistic son Pete. The Son season two returns Saturday, April 27th on AMC, and you can watch it as soon as it premieres in and outside the US. Now, as we all know, there are certain geo-restrictions that forbid content providers like AMC from making their content available to everyone across the globe. And only those who are located in the same region as where the content is based get to view it.

It’s your IP address that reveals where you are and where you’re connecting from. So, if your IP address doesn’t show that you’re located in the same country as where the content is based, your access will be terminated. These geo-blocks and geo-restrictions have to do with licensing agreements and copyright issues, which we have no business delving into. All you need to know is that bypassing these restrictions is very much possible with the help of a VPN. By connecting to one of its servers, you’ll be able to watch whatever content you want regardless of where you are located.

How a VPN Works

A virtual private network is a secure method that allows you to send your Internet traffic in a safe manner through one of its servers over the Internet. It creates a digital tunnel through which your data passes through and ultimately gets encrypted in, which will give you an extra layer of security and grant you online anonymity. Your connection gets rerouted through a VPN server thus granting you the IP of that server(in the country where it’s located in). After that, you’ll be able to access the content that you want of the country you end up choosing.

Watch The Son Season 2 Online Using a VPN – Steps

Follow the steps below in order to learn how you can unblock AMC and stream The Son season 2 outside teh US using a VPN:

  1. Firstly, you need to sign up for a decent and reliable VPN service provider like ExpressVPN.
  2. Create your VPN account and download then install the VPN app from the VPN provider’s website.
  3. Now, launch the app.
  4. Look for a server in the US and connect to one.
  5. You will now appear to be browsing the web using an American IP address.
  6. With an American IP address, you seem as if you are in the US.
  7. Access AMC and stream The Son from anywhere in the world.

What you need to get AMC unblocked from any place around the world is ExpressVPN. This is one of the most reliable and trustworthy service providers on the market. Not only does it grant you access to geo-restricted content, but it also keeps you safe and secure online. Here are the best VPNs you can make use of in case ExpressVPN doesn’t meet your needs. You’ll find them listed in the table below.

How to Watch The Son Season 2 Online Using a Smart DNS

So, here’s another great way you can watch the second and final season of The Son on AMC abroad, and it involves a Smart DNS proxy. With the help of such a provider, you get to enjoy unrestricted and uninterrupted access to the world wide web as if you were located in the country where access is allowed. This has to do with the process in which a Smart DNS operates. The provider reroutes your entire traffic that is responsible for determining your geolocation through one of its designated servers at fast speeds.

The reason why it’s fast is because a Smart DNS doesn’t encrypt your data, making it less of a secure option. Many prefer a VPN to a Smart DNS for security reasons, and that’s understandable. After all, a Smart DNS doesn’t change your IP address or grant you online anonymity, whereas a VPN does. However, if you’re not obsessed with security and only care about getting the content you want fast, a VPN would be a great choice for you. Here’s how you get to unblock AMC outside the US and stream The Son season 2 using a Smart DNS:

  1. Head on over to Unlocator and sign up for a free 7-day trial.
  2. Create your Smart DNS account, setup Smart DNS on your streaming device.
  3. Now, Visit the AMC website or launch its application.
  4. Sign in and stream The Son season 2 on AMC live online anywhere in the world.

Unlocator unblocks content and bypasses geo-restrictions seamlessly and almost effortlessly. The Danish company offers a 7-day free trial and does not require a credit card. It’s a fast, reliable, and effective Smart DNS. Unlocator is capable of unblocking over 200 channels regardless of where you are in the world. Furthermore, you can use Unlocator to unblock other major streaming services like Hulu, Fox, NBC, and CW TV abroad.

About The Son

The Son is based on Philipp Meyer’s novel carrying the same name. The novel is a New York Times best-seller and a Pulitzer Prize finalist. The author of the novel couldn’t be any happier about sharing this story with viewers. The Son’s leading character is played by Pierce Brosnan who is Eli McCullough who was raised by the Comanches; the same tribe that murdered his family. Eli is an old, brave patriarch of a Texas ranching and oil in a new world.

The Son Season 2 – Trailer

Get a first look at the second season of The Son in this trailer.

Watch The Son Season 2 Online – Final Thoughts

The Son’s second season is approaching with ten new exciting episodes set to air this month. Unfortunately, this will be the son’s final season. So, we might as well make the best of such a situation and not miss out on any of the episodes no matter where we are. You have two ways in which you get to watch the series, a VPN and a Smart DNS. The choice is yours to make. Hope we helped!  And that’s a wrap for the McCullough clan. Happy Streaming folks!

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