How to Watch U20 World Cup 2019 Live Online

I hope you guys are ready to witness what the future of international football has in store for you. The FIFA Under-20 World Cup takes place on the 23rd of May 2019 until the 15th of June across six venues in Poland. The world’s greatest football talents will showcase what they have got.

Not being where the U20 World Cup 2019 streaming channels are is not something you have to worry about because you can get them wherever you go. Either a VPN or Smart DNS can get you SBS or ORF despite your geo-location. The unblocking processes are simple, straightforward, and fast, and I’ll tell you all about them below.

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How to Watch U20 World Cup 2019 Live Stream Free

FIFA U-20 World Cup 2019 Streaming Channels

In Australia, SBS will broadcast the sporting event free live online. Unfortunately for soccer fans around the globe, SBS is geo-blocked outside Australia. Here is where you can find easy-to-follow info on how to bypass these geo-restrictions using either Smart DNS or VPN. Here’s where you can stream the 22nd U-20 World Cup:

  • SBS (Australia, Free)
  • SRF (Swiss, Free)
  • ORF (Austria, Free)
  • TSN (Canada)
  • RTP (Portugal)
  • Sky Italia (Italy)
  • Eurosport (Pan-Europe)
  • Fox Sports (USA)
  • Fubo TV (the USA, Free 7-Day Trial)
  • BeIN Sports (Middle East)

How to Watch FIFA U20 World Cup Free Live with VPN?

The best channels you can make use of to stream the U20 World Cup 2019 free live online are SRF, SBS, and ORF. What’s disappointing, however, about these channels is that they are geo-restricted outside their respective countries. So, unless you are in Australia, you cannot stream, let alone access SRF or SBS.

However, you can get these channels no matter where you are if you spoof your location. And you can make that happen with a VPN. The whole set up process is easier than you think.

  1. You will first need a VPN provider subscription with reliable servers in Australia.
  2. Get the installation done on any streaming device like PC, Mac, iOS, or Android.
  3. After you launch the app, you have to connect to an Australian VPN server.
  4. As a result, you will be able to access SBS just as if you are in Australia.
  5. Lastly, head on over to the SBS website or the app.
  6. Finally, stream the FIFA U20 World Cup 2019 live online.

While a VPN does grant you access to restricted content, you won’t be able to bypass the signing up process and escaping the registration fees. But, considering SBS, ORF, and SRF are free channels, you have nothing to worry about. Check out the best VPN services that will allow you to stream the 2019 U20 World Cup 2019 live online.

Watch FIFA U-20 World Cup 2019 with Smart DNS Proxies

Do you want Fox Sports and SBS unblocked? You can give a Smart DNS proxy a try. Now, you better be aware of the fact that a Smart DNS is not as secure as a VPN since it does not encrypt any of your data. You’re identified online, and your IP address is exposed instead of hidden.

So, instead of getting your online traffic encrypted with protocols, it gets partially redirected through a designated server. You can use the tool on the WhatIsMyIP.Network, and you’ll be surprised to see that your real IP address is visible.

  • A Smart DNS proxy is almost compatible with all streaming devices.
  • You can watch FIFA U20 World Cup 2019 on iOS, Mac, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, PS3/PS4, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox.
  • As pre-mentioned above, a Smart DNS makes no changes to your IP address.
  • You do not gain any online anonymity as your identity is public.
  • A Smart DNS won’t work if your Internet Service Provider uses transparent proxies or DNS hijacking.

You could subscribe to Unlocator and make use of its one week trial to unblock channels and services from all over the world, including Fox Sports, Fubo TV, or SBS. Subscribing to Unlocator does not require a credit card. You enter your email address and create your free Smart DNS account.

FIFA U20 World Cup 2019 Groups

The 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup features 16 nations divided into six groups of four teams. The teams will battle it out from May 23rd to the championship which is set for Saturday, June 15 at Stadion Widzewa in Lodz. You can download the full FIFA U20 World Cup 2019 schedule for free here.

How to Watch FIFA U20 World Cup Korea Republic 2019 Free Live Online?

In terms of the group stage, Argentina vs. Portugal match is probably the most exciting of them all. It will be interesting to see the future stars of the football world battle it out for the title of world champions. France, Nigeria, and Argentina are this year’s favorites.

Which country do you believe will come out on top on Sunday, June 15th, 2019? Feel free to leave your predictions in a comment below.

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