How to Watch X Factor 2018 Free Live outside UK

Had I known that VPNs and Smart DNS proxies existed, I probably wouldn’t have missed X-Factor’s season 8 finale. I was nowhere near the UK, and I sure was cursing my luck back then because Little Mix, my favorite girl band, won that season.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that it is possible to watch any X-Factor version, specifically X-Factor UK 2018 outside the UK if you subscribe to either a VPN or Smart DNS. No, this is no joke. All you have to do is keep on reading to find out how.

Stream X Factor 2017 Free Live outside UK

How to Watch X Factor 2018 Free Live outside the UK

Sign Up for a Free ITV Account outside the UK

ITV is the responsible broadcaster of the X-Factor, and while we all know it’s a free channel, it requires you to set up an account. Without one, you won’t be able to stream its content. So, follow the steps below in order to register your free ITV account anywhere outside the UK borders.

  1. Go to the ITV website.
  2. Click on ‘Sign in’.
  3. Now, select ‘Sign up now’.
  4. Type in the personal information required of you.
  5. For ‘Postcode’, type in ‘WC1X 0AA’ but not with the quotations.
  6. Now, check in the ‘ITV Terms and Condition Box’.
  7. Click on ‘I’m ready’.

Afterward, you will receive an email asking you for confirmation. Don’t hesitate to click on the link inside because that’s where your free ITV account will be waiting. What’s left now is subscribing to either a VPN or Smart DNS.

Stream X Factor Season 15 Live Online using VPN

Being outside the UK denies you the advantage of accessing ITV and streaming programs as popular as the X-Factor. All you’ll get upon your attempt of access is an error saying: “We’re sorry. ITV Hub is only available to viewers in the UK.” But, there is no need to feel bad for the expats and fans in  Australia, Ireland, Canada, and the USA because there’s a way they can get X-Factor 2018 from where they are.

The process in which you’re going to bypass the geo-error involves some trickery. Use a VPN – a cybersecurity tool– that changes your virtual location and makes ITV think that you are in the UK. A Virtual Private Network runs a network of servers distributed across the world.

Whichever server you choose to connect to depends on where the content you want is based. Keeping your original IP address won’t get you anywhere. Changing it to the one that matches a server in the UK will grant you access to ITV. By connecting to a UK server, you will be able to unblock British streaming services and channels no matter where you may currently be living.

The Steps

This what I did when I finally got a VPN subscription.

  1. I did my research and found ExpressVPN to be the best VPN on the market.
  2. Next, I subscribed to ExpressVPN’s services.
  3. There was an app I had to download.
  4. What followed was creating an account and signing in.
  5. Then, I activated the app and was surprisingly pleased with the number of servers on there.
  6. I looked for a UK server and connected to it.
  7. The button turned green and read “Connected.” That must mean I have a UK IP address now.
  8. Once I saw the green light, I went to itv’s website to check if it worked.
  9. It most certainly did. Look at me streaming The X-Factor outside the UK.

Best VPN for X-Factor 2018

You won’t go far with a VPN that is not ExpressVPN. Subscribing to this provider means that you get to unblock all UK channels despite your location overseas including BBC iPlayer, TVPlayer, Channel 4, Channel 5, and of course ITV Player.

I highly recommend subscribing ExpressVPN due to its strong unblocking capabilities and excellent services. Their 30-day refund guarantee made me feel more at ease, and their 24/7 customer support left no question unanswered. Widen your horizons too by checking out other competitors on the market in this table. 

How to Watch X Factor 2018 Free Live Online with Smart DNS

While the main function of a VPN is to protect your data and encrypt it while unblocking content, a Smart DNS’s primary function is to only bypass geo-restrictions. Your IP address will remain the same, which means your identity will remain exposed to public viewers and third parties.

Also, a Smart DNS has no business encrypting your data. It was initially designed to bypass regional restrictions and unblock channels that are unavailable to users. It redirects the traffic through designated servers so that you get to unblock the content you want. Here’s how you can use a Smart DNS to unblock ITV and end up streaming X Factor 2018 for free online:

  1. Subscribe to Unlocator and benefit from the free 7-day trial offered.
  2. Afterward, follow these videos/setup tutorial to configure the Smart DNS.
  3. Check now if you can access ITV by visiting the website or launching the app.
  4. Now, sign in using the ITV account.
  5. Stream the X Factor 2018 anywhere you may be.

I have used Unlocator before, and may I say it went perfectly. My discovery of Unlocator came about by trial and error. It was the only Smart DNS that was true to its claim and allowed me to watch ITV outside the UK. The free 7-day trial was most comforting for I needed some time to think about the subscription because I was unsure of its capabilities.

How to Watch X Factor 2018 Free Live Online – Wrap Up

That’s all you need to know about how to stream the 15th season of X Factor anywhere in the world. The British reality TV series has been hugely successful over the years and we personally cannot wait for the new season to start.

How excited are you? Are you pumped up to the extent that you’re going to get an ExpressVPN subscription? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section below.

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