Unblock Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV outside USA

How to watch Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV Stick outside USA? Sling TV is slowly but steadily becoming one of the major US streaming channels. The fact that you can now watch Sling on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox means that more and more American cord-cutters are signing up with the live US streaming services. A better selection of top US channels has also played its role in the rise of Sling. But what about American expats living abroad in UK, Canada, or Australia? Well, Sling TV is geoblocked outside USA. The good news is that you can use VPN or Smart DNS to unblock and watch Sling TV overseas, no matter where you are.

Unblock Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV outside USA

Unblock Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV outside USA

VPN vs Smart DNS Proxies – The Basics

If you are not that well acquainted with VPN or Smart DNS, there is not reason to panic. Both have been used for quite some time by everyday Internet users to bypass regional restrictions. The way each method works however, differs. VPN, for instances, changes your IP address and encrypts all your Internet traffic. This makes it very popular among Internet users who want an extra layer of privacy.

Smart DNS on the other hand, takes a different approach. Your public IP address will still be the same after you setup Smart DNS on your streaming device. Your Internet traffic is not encrypted either. You can configure Smart DNS directly on most streaming devices, including the Amazon Fire TV. VPN apps can only be installed on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Either method is a viable option in terms of unblocking Sling TV outside USA.

Watch Sling TV outside USA with Smart DNS Proxies

The fact that you can setup Smart DNS directly on the Amazon Fire TV makes this method particularly popular among people who unblock Sling TV on the Fire TV outside USA. There is no need to configure your PC, Mac, or router to make it work. Here’s how you can use Smart DNS to unblock Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV abroad.

  1. First, you have to sign up with a Smart DNS proxy service that supports unblocking Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV. Unlocator fits that bill.
  2. After you have created your Smart DNS account, head over to the setup instruction page, and click on Amazon Fire TV. It does not matter if you own the Fire TV Box or Fire TV Stick as both are setup the same way.
  3. Follow the instructions to enter the DNS codes on your Fire TV.
  4. Watch Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV outside USA.

These steps might seem to easy to be true, but that is all I had to do to unblock Sling TV on my Fire TV Stick. It literally took me about 10 minutes from getting my Unlocator account to setting up Smart DNS on the Fire TV and watching Sling TV outside USA. Thanks to a no-strings-attached 7-day trial, I was able to sign up with Unlocator with no need for a credit card. If you decide to upgrade your Unlocator subscription after that, you also have a right to a 14-days no-questions-asked refund.

How to Unblock Sling TV outside USA with VPN

Given the extra layer of privacy I get with VPN, it normally is my preferred ‘weapon of choice’ when it comes to bypassing geographic restrictions. However, with the absence of a VPN client on the Fire TV itself, I had to revert back to setting up a VPN connection on my DD-WRT router. While this procedure is feasible, it might seem a bit too complicated for VPN newbies.

  • If you have prior knowledge of setting up VPN on a router, I definitely recommend using VPN instead of Smart DNS to unblock Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV.
  • Establishing a connection to an American VPN server via your router has huge benefits.
  • All your streaming devices will appear to be located in USA.
  • You will have access to all geo-restricted US channels including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling, HBO Go, and ABC GO.
  • VPN encryption prevents your ISP as well as other possible eavesdroppers from spying on your online activity. Keep those prying eyes away.

ExpressVPN have detailed setup guides that helped me a lot when I first configured VPN on my router. If you want to give VPN a shot, head over to ExpressVPN. They do have a 30-day refund period. So, if for any reason, you want your money back within that first month, you are guaranteed to get it back. You can also use other VPN providers to unblock Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV outside USA.

How to Watch Sling TV outside USA on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

The process of setting up Smart DNS or VPN to watch Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV is the same regardless of whether you own the Fire TV Box or Stick. When choosing your Smart DNS/VPN service, cheaper does not always mean better. Make sure that whatever service you use to bypass regional restrictions has a clear refund policy. Online support is also essential.

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