Unblock Sling TV on Apple TV Watch outside USA

How to unblock and watch Sling TV on Apple TV outside USA? For cord-cutters searching for online streaming channels which offer live American TV, there are no many better alternatives than Sling TV. With channels like ESPN, AMC, TBS, TNT, CNN, Freeform, and Disney, you can find something to watch no matter what your viewing preferences are. The main issue, however, is that Sling TV is geoblocked outside USA. American expats living in UK, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Australia, France, Japan, or Germany use VPN or Smart DNS proxies. Either method allows you to bypass geographic blocks and watch Sling TV on Apple TV abroad.

Unblock Sling TV on Apple TV Watch outside USA

Unblock Sling TV on Apple TV Watch outside USA

How to Get Sling TV App on Apple TV

Before I get into details on how to watch live US channels on Sling TV on Apple TV outside USA, I will explain how to download the Sling TV app on Apple TV (4th Generation). Unfortunately, Sling is not available on Apple TV 3 or older generations.

In order to download and install American apps like Sling, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, or ABC, on your Apple TV 4, you need an American Apple ID. Here’s how you can setup a US iTunes account without the need for an American credit card. Note that you do not need to use VPN or Smart DNS to complete this particular procedure.

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On your PC or Mac:

  1. Launch the App Store and log out of your account. To do so, click on ‘Store’ -> ‘Sign out’.
  2. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the App Store and click on the flag in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Now you will be presented with a list that allows you to ‘Choose your Country or Region’.
  4. Select ‘United States’.
  5. Go find any free app.
  6. Click ‘Get’ -> ‘Install App’.
  7. From the drop-down menu that appears, click on ‘Create Apple ID’.
  8. Create your new Apple ID account using the ‘no card’ option.
  9. Enter an address that’s local to that region while selecting no card. You can use Google to find legitimate American addresses.
  10. From your Apple TV 4, log out of your iTunes account from within your settings.
  11. Login with new account.
  12. Your have successfully changed your App Store/iTunes region to US.
  13. Now use the search function in the App Store, find Sling TV, and download it to your Apple TV 4.

Watch Sling TV on Apple TV outside USA with Smart DNS Proxies

Now that you have successfully download the Sling app on your Apple TV 4, it’s time to remove the geographic restrictions imposed on it outside USA. There are basically two way which allow you to unblock Sling TV abroad. The first is Smart DNS. What’s great about Smart DNS is that you can directly set it up on your Apple TV without having to do any alterations on your router or other devices on your home network. The drawback, however, is that you will be confined to one American region and thus cannot change the nature of content you get on Sling.

  1. The most important step here is to sign up with an Smart DNS proxy service that supports unblocking Sling TV on Apple TV overseas. Do not use free DNS codes you find online. I’ve tested many of them and they do not work. Additionally they jeopardize your Internet security and privacy.
  2. Now that you have created your Smart DNS account, it is time to setup Smart DNS on your Apple TV. If you follow the setup guide carefully, you will be done in about 5 minutes, even if you are not all that tech-savvy.
  3. After configuring Smart DNS on Apple TV, launch the Sling TV app, sign in using your Sling account, and watch live American TV as if you were in USA.
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If you have never used Smart DNS before, and want to ‘dip your toe in the water’ first, head over to Unlocator. You can sign up for a free 7-day no-strings-attached trial. They won’t even ask you for your credit card details.

Unblock Sling TV on Apple TV outside USA with VPN

If you want to bypass regional blackouts imposed on live Sling TV sports channels like ESPN, NBC Sports, or Fox Sports, use VPN. The VPN setup for Apple TV is not as straight forward as with Smart DNS. However, depending on the VPN provider you use, you can literally change to over 14 different locations within the USA. That means there is a possibility to unblock much more content on Sling with VPN as compared to Smart DNS.

  1. You need to setup VPN on a compatible router first. DD-WRT, Tomato, and Linksys routers should do the job.
  2. Setup your VPN connection on your router. ExpressVPN have detailed setup guides on how to achieve this.
  3. Once you have connected to the American VPN server on your router, all the devices connected to that router, including your Apple TV, will share its VPN connection. In other words, all your devices will now virtually appear to be located in USA.
  4. Not only will you get access to Sling, but also to all other American geo-restricted channels. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Crackle.

The more American VPN servers the VPN service you are using provides, the better it is suited to unblock Sling TV on Apple TV. ExpressVPN, for instance, offer more than 14 different VPN locations from within the USA alone. Here is a complete list of all top VPN providers to watch Sling TV on Apple TV outside USA.

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How to Unblock and Watch Sling TV on Apple TV outside USA – VPN or Smart DNS Proxies

You can either use VPN or Smart DNS proxies to watch Sling TV outside USA. Smart DNS might be easier to setup on Apple TV, but VPN gives you more possibilities as well as extra privacy and security online. In the end, it all comes down to what you want to stream via Sling TV on your Apple TV.

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