How to Watch Indian TV Abroad? Unblock outside India

The streaming services in India are beyond what you can imagine. All of your favorites: Ozee TV, Jio TV, Star Sports, Hotstar, and Sony Liv channels that deliver Bollywood productions,  sporting events, politics, and dramas. Unfortunately for the many Indian expats living in Australia, UK, USA, Europe, and the Middle East, all of these channels are off-limits. Luckily, in the tutorial below, I demonstrate how these non-Indian residents can make these channels attainable to them no matter where they are using two tools.

How to Watch Indian TV Abroad?

How to Watch Indian TV Abroad?

Geo-Restrictions and Location Error Messages

In case you have ever tried to watch Hotstar in the USA or the United Kingdom, you’ve probably come across the following geo-error:

“Content Unavailable. The content currently unavailable in your region.”

Other Indian channels will reveal similar notifications when you try to stream on-demand content or live content overseas. Now, if you want to get past these geo-restrictions, you’ll have to make use of either a VPN or Smart DNS.

A good example of a Smart DNS would be Unlocator. Generally, a Smart DNS is an online service that gives you the chance you bypass geo-restrictions from anywhere. However, a Smart DNS is not responsible for the protection of your personal data. That’s how it differs from a VPN. But, if you just want want to stream Indian content, you should know that Unlocator can unblock over 200, including Hotstar. Now, we’re talking, eh?

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Get all the Indian TV Abroad?

The safest and most effective approach to unblocking geo-restricted channels is through the application of a VPN, short for Virtual Private Network. This online tool, the security-oriented tool enables users to protect their privacy and security as well as provide them with unrestricted internet access. Connecting to a VPN server, gets your data encrypted, and away from prying eyes. However, these are not the only benefits you gain from connecting to a VPN:

  • High Levels of Privacy: The encryptions and protocols used when rerouting your data and traffic make your data highly inaccessible to third parties.
  • VPN Applications: There are VPN apps on most devices and platforms:  PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and FireStick.
  • Access Geoblocked Channels: Securing a VPN connection can help you bypass restrictions imposed on blocked content without any difficulties.
  • Avoid ISP Throttling: Your Internet speed will no longer experince sudden drops or throttling because using a VPN prevents that from happening.

How to Unblock Indian TV outside India with VPN?

The whole process of  Indian channels from anywhere in the world is fairly simple. First of all, you need to sign up with one a VPN service provider. Once that is done, follow these instructions:

  1. For starters, subscribe to a VPN service provider, probably one of the best VPNs for India.
  2. Now, you have to download the VPN app on the device you want to watch Indian content on.
  3. The next step, obviously, would be launching the app.
  4. Sign into your previously created VPN account.
  5. Inside the app, you’ll find a list of servers, connect to an Indian server.
  6. Now, wait for the connection to be made.
  7. You will look like as if you are in India.
  8. Now, you can access Ozee TV, Jio TV, Star Sports, Hotstar, and Sony Liv regardless of where you are.
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The Best VPN to Use

You might have noticed that the best VPN for India is ExpressVPN. There’s a good reason for that. As far as best VPNs are concerned, you’ll find ExpressVPN’s name everywhere. It’s a reliable service, which you can use to get Indian channels unblocked abroad. The company owns a large server network with multiple VPN servers located in India. Don’t forget that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. No risks are involved when trying out ExpressVPN. But, if you insist on checking out other providers, here’s a table with their names below.

RankVPN ProviderLink
rank vpn-provider
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Apps For All Your Devices
  • 24/7 Live Support

Visit ExpressVPN

rank vpn-provider Visit BulletVPN

rank vpn-provider Visit NordVPN

4 vpn-provider Visit Surfshark

How to Watch Indian TV outside India – Wrap Up

Thanks to virtual private networks, you no longer have to miss your favorite Indian channels, TV shows, and Bollywood movies while living abroad. Simply sign up with a VPN service, download their application, and secure a connection to an Indian server. That’s practically all there is to do it.

What do you think of the whole process? Which VPN would you subscribe to in order to make Indian channels available to you? The comment section is all yours.

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