Best VPN for Synology

Having a remote yet central place to store data from multiple computers in a network is basically the idea behind a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. These handy devices can also be accessed through the Internet, making it even more convenient for users that would like access to their data while on the go. The number one manufacturer of these devices is a well-known brand that’s based in Taiwan and is known as Synology.

Best VPN for Synology

Best VPN for Synology

What Is Synology?

Synology offers top quality NAS devices, and this has kept them at the top of the list for anyone looking for network storage solutions. This is due to the depth of features that the devices offer, as well as the simplicity of use that comes with all of it. In addition to storage services, the firm also offers cloud-based, backup and file sharing solutions, making them a one-stop shop for most of your networking needs.

If there’s one issue that’s almost always never left behind when talking about storage, its security. When choosing where to store your data, you always need to take a step back and think about security. You’ll have to be sure that wherever you store your data is secure enough to deter anyone that might want to get hold of it maliciously. Even with Synology offering to encrypt your data while it is stored, you’ll still need to ensure that the connection between the NAS device and your computer is foolproof since there’s just so much that can happen to it while it’s on transit through the Internet.

As you probably know, the Internet is slowly becoming a hub for cybercrime that targets users who haven’t really thought through the level of security involved in whatever they’re doing. There have been numerous cases of cryptocurrency being stolen, computers with valuable information hacked, and individuals being impersonated online, and they’ve all existed because of a security breach that many times could’ve been dealt with. As you transfer your data, you wouldn’t want to be vulnerable to such situations. The best way to protect your data on Synology is through a VPN.

Why You Should Use A VPN for Synology

Subscribing to a Virtual Private Network allows you to encrypt your connection, and therefore make sure that the data you transmit gets to the designated NAS without any issues. A VPN affords you a level of privacy that even keeps your ISP out of the loop on what you’re up to. This allows you to transfer or access data without worrying about leaving a trace. Once you’ve subscribed to a credible provider and had your connection protected from any form of external interference, you’ll also be able to run a variety of plugins, regardless of the many geo-restrictions that they could have.

Best VPNs for Synology

This clever little advantage also extends to the geo-blocked sites and channels that you might want to browse or stream from. A VPN allows you to change your location and fool the services into thinking that you’re based within their local area, thus granting you access. To ensure you pick out only the best service for your intended use, we’ve lined up a couple of reliable services that are all top shelf. Have a look at them below.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a service that’s capable of ensuring that your data remains completely secure when accessing your Synology NAS. The service has elaborate tutorials on how to set up its VPN service with Synology depending on which VPN protocol you’d like to use. The British Virgin Islands-based provider has a server count that’s slightly past 2000, making it possible for you to access your device remotely from a wide range of locations.

Security wise, ExpressVPN maintains 256 bit AES encryption and recommends that users rely on the OpenVPN protocol as it is the most secure. Options are still available for those that would prefer otherwise, with the company supporting PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP. The service also allows you to connect up to 3 more devices simultaneously for secured access to your NAS drive. In its range of servers, there’s a special group known as stealth servers that users can rely on if they’re in countries that are hostile to VPN use, as well as servers that support torrenting. If this brief overview might’ve peaked your interest, then we suggest you head on to our more comprehensive ExpressVPN Review.

2. IPVanish

IPVanish is a well-respected provider that has been in the VPN business now for well over a decade. The service is based in Florida USA and happens to fully own its fleet of more than 1500 servers. This means that if you probably encounter an issue with your connection, it’ll be dealt with in-house. Support is available for users that would like to use the service with Synology, though it is advised that you stick with PPTP as the chosen VPN protocol.

IPVanish also employs 256 bit AES encryption and assures its subscribers that no logs of their traffic is ever stored by the service.IPVanish has been very local about its support for users that want to torrent by guaranteeing that they’ll remain anonymous, and it ensuring that such they have no limits imposed on their P2P traffic. The service also offers one very unique feature, the SOCKS5 Web Proxy, which allows you to encrypt your connection by logging in to the service through the provided website. This is very convenient for users that would prefer not to download the VPN client. Also, IPVanish provides both unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server switching to users who sign up with the service. To get to learn more of what IPVanish has in store, take a glance at our IPVanish Review.

3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is another favorite contender for users looking to secure their data as the service really does a lot to ensure that users enjoy the best privacy features in the market. The provider has about 700 servers around the world to support your connection and offers VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and the exclusive Chameleon. Although only available for their premium customers, the Chameleon protocol is one of their true marvels of innovation.

The Chameleon technology is used to scramble OpenVPN metadata so as to ensure it remains unrecognizable even through Deep Packet Inspection. This is really great if you plan to use VPN (or access a Synology NAS) while in a region that has deep Internet censorship and discontent over VPN use. VyprVPN also supports up to 5 simultaneous connections, and a VPN client that comes in different versions to run on Windows, Android, Mac, Smart TV’s iOS or even installed on your router. The provider is also one of the few that entirely own their server network, and in doing so, are able to provide more than 200,000 IPs for its users to connect to the Internet through. You’ll also be able to bypass censorship through its VyprDNS feature and enjoy zero limits on both your server switching and download caps. For more info, head on to our VyprVPN Review.

Wrap Up for The Best VPN for Synology

Your data getting into the wrong hands is something you can completely avoid by using a credible VPN. ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and VyprVPN are three examples that are fully capable of providing adequate protection online and securing the data pathways between you and your NAS device.