How to Watch Celebrity Family Feud 2019 Live Online

Are you ready to kick off your Summer with some “Feudy” attitude? If so, then expect your favorite TV host Steve Harvey on June 9th when Celebrity Family Feud returns for its sixth season. As usual, ABC Go will feature the show within its summer premieres. Therefore, here’s everything you need to know about how to watch Celebrity Family Feud 2019 live online.

How to Watch Celebrity Family Feud 2019 Live Online

How to Watch Celebrity Family Feud 2019 Live Online

Celebrity Family Feud on ABC Go

If you live in the US, you can watch Celebrity Family Feud live on ABC Go. However, the problem lies with those who reside abroad. ABC Go only operates when a user is approaching its content with an American IP address. If that’s not the case, ABC will block your access instantly.

Your IP address helps the channel or any other online service to determine your physical location. Once you’re compromised as living abroad, ABC Go will put an end to your access. Instead of getting your video, you’ll receive a geo-error message that states the following:

“You appear to be outside the United States or its territories. Due to international rights agreements, we only offer this video for viewers located within the United States and its territories.”
Celebrity Family Feud Error

Fortunately, there’s a way to circumvent the geo-restrictions imposed by ABC Go. If you make use of a VPN, you’ll appear to be accessing the channel’s website from within its area of coverage. How you may ask? Go a bit more to the South and find out.

How to Watch Celebrity Family Feud Live with a VPN

A Virtual Private Network is a tool used to alter your current whereabouts and appear elsewhere. You can do so by connecting to a VPN server in a selected country. Once you hit connect, you’ll obtain an IP address in the region where the server is located. Eventually, you can access the region’s exclusive content regardless of where you might be located.

Furthermore, a VPN existed to be a security tool for your browsing activities. It reroutes your traffic through a private tunnel encrypting it in the process and shielding it against hackers and cybercriminals. Moreover, your IP address gets cloaked, which means that your ISP won’t be able to spy on what you do when surfing the internet. That’s what we like to call anonymous browsing. With that said, let’s take a look at how to unblock ABC Go and watch Celebrity Family Feud live:

  1. To start the process, you need to find a reputable VPN provider and sign up for its service. In my opinion, ExpressVPN should be your top pick.
  2. After creating an account, download and install their VPN client on a compatible device such as Android, iOS, PC, or Mac.
  3. Now, sign in with your VPN account and open its server list.
  4. Since ABC Go is in the United States, you’ll need a US server. You can find it in the recommended section for a faster approach.
  5. Hit the connect button and wait a bit until the connection takes place.
  6. Finally, launch ABC Go and stream Celebrity Family Feud live wherever you are.

If you’re still confused and don’t know which VPN to choose, use ExpressVPN as it’s one of the top VPNs in the industry. You may not agree, but reviews all over the world state so. Now, if you’re still not convinced, try out one of these top VPNs for ABC Go instead.

Celebrity Family Feud – What to Expect?

The loved popular stand-up comedian and award-winning game show host Steve Harvey is back for yet another year trivia fun. If you’re just tuning in to the show, let’s me fill you in on the details. Celebrity Family Feud pits actors, singers, sportsmen, and other kinds of celebrity against each other. However, that’s not the fun part, they’re supposed to be teaming up with their family members in order to get the most popular responses to survey-type questions.

The winning side gets a decent prize to be donated for charity. So, the show is not only fun but also for a good cause. Do you remember what happened in the fourth season? We got to see the likes of Team Kardashian vs. Team West, Stephen Curry vs. Chris Paul, “Grey’s Anatomy” vs. “Station 19,” Inside the NBA vs. MLB All-Stars among others. If this season is as exciting as the fourth one, I guarantee a summer full of laughter and fun.

Due to its popularity, Celebrity Family Feud got versions in different parts of the world. These regions include Australia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Germany. They are hosted by Grant Denyer, Chris Van den Durpel, Vernon Kay, and Daniel Harwich respectively.

After being canceled on NBC, ABC took over the official broadcast of the show and changed up the rules a bit. The ABC version does not use a tournament format. Two games are included in an episode where each one ends with a Fast Money round for a 25000$ prize. If the family loses and didn’t go through that round, they win 5000$ for their charity. So, win or lose, charity is the main attraction of this amazing show.

ABC Go Compatible Devices

A whole bunch of devices supports the ABC Go app:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • PC
  • Mac

How to Watch Celebrity Family Feud Live – Final Thoughts

ABC has set its summer schedule, and it’s heavy on game shows. However, the main focus this summer is none other than Celebrity Family Feud. Whether you’re in the US or abroad, it doesn’t matter. With a VPN, you get treated as equals. Go ahead, invest in a proper VPN provider and stream Celebrity Family Feud live anywhere you are.

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